Where are my Boston Cream Timbits?

Tim Hortons stores carry two types of products, “Required” products and “Optional” products. Required products are items that a store must carry and should have available at all times. These are their core products and popular choices among their customers. On the other hand, optional products are items that store owners can chose from. This means that a product that is offered at one store may not be offered at another location. The decision of which optional products the store will carry is made by the Store Owner and is based on several factors, such as demand. Boston Cream Timbits are offered to stores as part of Hortons’ “Optional” Products line. Unfortunately however, they do not have a list of what optional products their stores carry. Hortons suggest that you speak with the Owner or Manager of your local store, and they may be willing to carry Boston Cream Timbits in the store.

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One Response to Where are my Boston Cream Timbits?

  1. Justin says:

    This could be the best thing ever!

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